Tom Basile has developed a reputation as a powerful speaker that can bring to audiences his experience on the front lines of government, politics and business with passion and credibility. He has spoken at major universities, political, corporate and non-profit functions across the United States.

Tom takes audiences on a journey to explore the outer limits of their own potential while discussing his insider perspective on topics including National Leadership, Protecting Freedom,  Iraq and Fighting the War on Terror, Effective Communications and his latest commentary on the National Political Scene. He motivates, provides informed analysis and inspires groups of all ages to participate in our great national conversation. Regardless of the topic, Tom's goal is always to encourage others to take an active role in making their homes, communities, businesses and nation the best they can be.

Sample Speech Topics

  • The Power of the Individual and the New American Century

  • From Lincoln to Leftism - Preventing Your State from Becoming New York and California

  • Iraq - The Critical First 12 Months - A View from the Inside

  • The Bush Years Behind the Scenes - Moments that Defined a President

  • A Call for a New Culture of Service Above Self

  • Growing Your Grassroots

  • The Tough Sell - Policy Development in the Age of Mass Communication

  • Back to Basics - Our Founders' Blueprint for a Stronger America

  • Effective Messaging for More Powerful Brands

  • Communication Strategy Development and the New Media


Speaking fees vary based on the type of event, location and other factors. Tom travels from the New York City area. For information about scheduling a speaking appearance and fees, please contact Info@tombasile.com or call 1-855-999-1901. Tom Basile is represented by Premiere Speakers Bureau. They can be reached at (615) 261-4000.


Tom Basile has established a reputation as a credible source on a wide range of issues. His media credentials include most major US television networks, major newspapers, digital media organizations, political blogs and foreign news sources.  He is also a frequent guest on local, regional and nationally-syndicated radio programs.

Book an Interview

To book an interview, call 1-855-999-1901 or email Info@tombasile.com. Someone will respond to the inquiry immediately.

Frequent Topics

  • Current Events and Breaking News

  • National Political Scene

  • US Foreign Policy

  • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • War on Terrorism

  • Conservative Movement

  • Fiscally Conservative Policies and Economic Policy

  • Republican Party Politics

  • New York State Politics and Policy

  • Energy and Environmental Policy