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Policy, Politics, and PR in the War Against Extremism


Like the War on Terror, the Media War rages on. More than ever, America’s ability to fight and win against ISIS requires that we understand how best to communicate about war in the digital age. Tom Basile takes readers behind the scenes during his time as a civilian advisor in Iraq during the Iraq War, describing his mission and the struggle to communicate about the war as it became more deadly and less popular at home. 



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Amazon #1 Bestseller

“Basile’s…thought-provoking book… provides keen insights into what it takes to make strategic communication in war zones a success ... Tough Sell is highly recommended.”
— James P Farwell
Army War College, Parameters Magazine

This book masterfully blends military history with politics and media studies, thus representing the truly multifaceted nature of warfare in the twenty-first century…
—Benjamin Welton
Foreword Reviews

“This fair, honest, and intensely personal story should inform journalists, policymakers, the public as we make tough decisions in the fight against ISIS.”
- Dr. Bob Arnot
Author and former NBC News Foreign

"Tough Sell is a must-read for students of conflict, practitioners war, and a public eager to understand what is really at stake..."
—Gary Berntsen
Author of Jawbreaker: The Attack on Bin Laden

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