An Historic Day in the Life of a Church

We live in interesting times.  Through the power of technology we see, hear and even participate in the making of history.  Some of these moments, like 9/11 rock us to the core of our souls.  Others are inspiring or uplifting.  Within the next few hours, we will witness something that hasn't happened since before Columbus discovered America - the abdication of a Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  This matters to members of the faith, but it also matters to those of other faiths.  The Pope, even with the Church's somewhat diminished influence, is a significant world leader.  He has no army.  He has little land.  What he does have is a massive platform to help us understand how all of us can live life with a purpose greater than our own narrow self-interests.  You may not agree with the Church's position on one thing or another - but we can still look to the Pope for a message that is worthy of consideration. 

I've had the honor of meeting both John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  I had the privledge of listening to their words and though men - all men - are imperfect beings, there is something about meeting a Pope that brings a sense of joy and peace to the soul.  It may be God working through the man in that moment.  It may be the sense of history we feel in that moment.  Whatever the reason, any man who lives to serve at such sacrifice to deliver that sense of purpose is worthy of if not our absolute praise - our prayer and thanks.  God Bless Pope Benedict XVI.  God be with the Church as it navigates the Interregnum and selects the next man to bear the burden of working to bring the Church of men closer to the ideals set by St. Peter and his Lord Jesus Christ. 

2013-2014Albert Solano