And So It Goes On...Ugh

Maybe now they'll 'get it' over there in Romney-land.  He needs to release his tax returns. Everybody gets it. Even my Golden Retriver has been shaking her head at it for a week now.  If the Romney campaign wants to put SC in the rear-view mirror then the issue that impacted his debate performances the most needs to be in the rear-view mirror as well.  If Romney gave a big chunk of money to the Mormon Church he needs to just get it out there and deal with it.  If Christian Evangelicals don't like it, let them make a big deal of it. It will backfire on them.  If the GOP makes their candidate selection process about religion or social issues it will spell disaster in the fall.  If they throw their usual opinions about the importance of strong moral character out the window to pick what they perceive to be a more socially conservative candidate, real fiscal conservatives, moderate Republicans, swing voters and conservative democrats will be harder to attract. The President is weak - yet SC just gave fuel to a candidate with the highest disapproval ratings in the country.  Obama is smiling ear to ear.   

And so it goes on.  For the week ahead, let's at least decide that Rick Santorum needs to go home.  No money, no infrastrucure, no campaign, no record on the issues that matter most in this campaign and no leg to stand on.  No more sweater vests and phony conservative rhetoric from a bankrupt campaign.  Just can't take it.      

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