Another Awful Week for the GOP

Between the failure of the GOP House Majority to act on Plan B before leaving for the Christmas break and the NRA's disaster of a press conference in response to Newtown, this week makes one wonder if the GOP is totally off the rails.  First, the so-called fiscal cliff.  I say so-called because if it were a real cliff, it would be the last one we'd face.  But with the meager spending cuts proposed, the lack of courage on entitlement reform and the new spending in all of the proposals, stearing away from this cliff will only lead us to another down the road.  As a nation, we're not facing a cliff at all.  All our taxing, borrwing and spending has trapped us on a plateau where there is a drop-off in every direction.  The GOP needs to safeguard middle class taxpayers by voting to make the Bush tax cuts permanent while proposing real reform and significant spending cuts.  They need to box the Obama-Reid Senate in a corner by sending clean, easily explainable reform bills with mainstream voter support to across the rotunda forcing the Democrats to shelve them.  It's their only play to try and wrestle some portion of public opinion back from the Obama and the left.  

As for the NRA - It blows my mind that they had a whole week to figure out what to say in reaction to Newtown and the best they could do was putting an angry, defensive Wayne LaPierre behind the microphone to ask our do-nothing Congress and therefore the American people to fund a massive new school security initiative.  Read the rest of my critique in Forbes by clicking HERE. 

Something's gotta give.  Republicans and conservatives need new direction and new messengers or else they will be in the wilderness for a very long time.  The America we know will not survive progressive ideology constatly attacking the freedoms we enjoy, the free enterprise system and the very ability for all of us to achieve the American Dream of our own hard work. 

2011-2012Albert Solano