BASILE- -Five Things You Won't Hear at the DNC

Much of last week’s Republican National Convention focused on giving Americans a dose of reality about the real state of our country and the fiscal crisis that is threatening our very way of life.  At the RNC, the Romney campaign demonstrated that they respected voters enough to give them straight talk about the problems and tough decisions that lay ahead.  

Four years ago, the 2008 Democratic National Convention was  full of soaring rhetoric and promises of a new tomorrow.  Hope, change, Corinthian columns, star-studded camera shots, a teary-eyed Oprah and a vision of America where government swoops in where angels fear to tread, solving problems apparently without Americans having to foot the bill.

This time around, with Obama camp weaker and well defined, they will have to defend their record – without being defensive or arrogant and most importantly without skirting reality.  It will be a tall order to be sure.  In an effort to try to convince Americans the president needs a second term the DNC will make little to no mention of the following:


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