Calling All Members Of The Silent Majority...

Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire has permitted an anti-religious display next to the nativity scene in the state capitol. The display basically says that there is no God and that religion is the cause of all the intolerance in the world.

The Governor, for her part, says she's just trying to be fair to everyone. Got that - EVERYONE. Huh? Did I mention she's a Democrat? I only bring it up because they are usually the ones who fall for this politically correct crap. According to a recent study some 92% of Americans believe in God. Another 5% of so-called atheists are really agnostic and actually believe in some higher power.

So the good governor in order to appease a small handful of her constituents goes out of her way to insult almost everyone. It is intolerant and disrespectful to trash religion during the holidays in my view, especially right next to a religious display. The governor is just too PC to understand.

These kinds of incidents are going to continue to happen until people or faith or people who aren't offended by 'In God We Trust' on our money, a moment of silence in a locker room, Halloween, kids dressed up as Indians at Thanksgiving etc - rise up and let their voices be heard.

Secularists and the media want to drive their agenda by giving hypersensitive minorities (not racial) a platform to express their disenfranchisement. Governor Gregoire was just too afraid to stand up for common sense.

2008Albert Solano