Christie - Red Meat with a Message

Take that enyway you want - but Romney's choice of NJ Governor Chris Christie as the RNC keynote speaker is a brilliant move.  The tough talking Christie will do something no one at the Democratic National Convention next week would dream of doing in this economy - actually respecting the audience enough to give it to them straight.  Don't expect a lot of surgar-coating.  Christie will lay out for the nation in very stark terms the serious challenges we face as a nation, made worse by Obama's faith in progressive ideology.  He's a Republican governor from a deep blue state who is used to not only giving the base red meat to chew on, but also communicate effectively with Democrats and Independents.  The GOP base is going to be fired up for this election, unlike 2008.  Christie's ability to target blue collar, conservative democrats will be critical to a Romney bounce and victory in November. 

Perhaps just as importantly, Christie will be entertaining.  He will hit the Obama team and their radcial policies with a sledgehammer, but do it with the skill of a prosecutor.  He will be substantive, sarcastic, funny but most of all truthful about our national fiscal crisis and the need for real reform for America to survive. After all Christie has tackled corruption, deficits, overspending and government dysfunction in New Jersey with a very unique style all his own. It should be a heck of a show.  

2011-2012Albert Solano