No Shame

For some reason after watching this president operate for the last three years I'm still amazed at the tactics employed by he and his team of progressive hacks.  Just think about it America - in the last four weeks our president, who once bemoaned the Bush White House's "endless campaign," has again proven he has no shame.  First, the president, in a blatant attempt to energize African Americans voters, politicized the shooting of a black teenager in Florida.  That's right, Obama stepped before the mics and injected himself and his re-election campaign into a terrible tragedy and an ongoing criminal investigation where many facts are left unknown. 

While dispicable, this should give conservatives some hope.  After all, the President wouldn't be weighing in unless he felt it could benefit him. The White House has been very nervous for months now that many of the African American voters they brought into the process in 2008 will stay home in 2012.  They are right to be concerned.  The Obama strategists wanted to use the Martin shooting as a way to amp up the energy in the community for their benefit.

As if that wasn't pushing the limits of decency, the President, a supposed Constitutional scholar, then suggested that the high Court lacked the authority to overturn Obamacare.  Think he knows what the high court can and cannot do??  Of course he does.  But liberals always like to play to the uninformed.  There will be folks out there for sure who don't know that the Supreme Court is a co-equal branch of government.  They may not know that in our history nearly 200 times the court has overturned legislation signed by the president.  Obama is trying to play to his base again here in an effort to stoke a sense of illegitimacy for a potential bad ruling on his signature piece of legislation.

Lastly, as if this behavior weren't bad enough in domestic policy matters, Obama actually injected his own reelection campaign into foriegn policy when he brought up the campaign in discussions with outgoing Russian President Medvedev.  Why?  Mitt Romney had a great piece on this when it happened.  It's simply becuase he knows his opinion on missle reduction is so out of step with the American public that he could never negotiate what he wants with the Russians during a campaign.  They just need to sit and wait until he no longer has to answer to the American people before giving more concessions to Putin's Russia.

No shame.  No class.  Nobody else in mind but Obama.  We have a lot of work to do over the next seven months but every day we are reminded why it will be worth it. 

2011-2012Albert Solano