"Occupy" Protestors Will Help GOP

I was down on Wall Street the other day and had occasion to swing by the large trash heap on Broadway that passes for the Occupy Wall Street camp.  I couldn't help but wonder what the Democrat strategists who came up with the idea of this protest were thinking.  It is clear that unions and other left-wing activist groups have helped orchestrate these protests in a vain attempt to inject class warfare rhetoric into this campaign season.  The effort will backfire on the Democrats for several reasons.  

First, the more the media and the public are exposed to these protestors, the more it becomes apparent that this rowdy bunch of wannabe hippies, smoking pot and having sex in a park, have no idea what makes the economy work, or what is really blame for the stagnant job market.  Second, the protests are focussed on blame, not solutions and serve to highlight the dismal job market which is being hung like a noose around the neck of the President.  Third, and most importantly, the rhetoric coming out of these protests is simply Anti-American and will be viewed as such by the majority of folks watching. 

Being frustrated about not having a job is understandable. This is very difficult time for many families and individuals.  However, seeking to penalize those who are successful and suggesting that an expansion of social programs is a route to prosperity is simply not the American way.  Government cannot and will not solve this problem.  It can help create a more business and job-friendly environment, but this nation owes no man or woman a job.  It owes them the opportunity to earn a living through a free market system that celebrates and promotes the ingenuity and power of people.  

While the Tea Party protests of 2009 and 2010 rallied millions of Americans to the ideals of our Founders, this effort will turn off millions of Americans who still believe in the free market - who still believe that government is the problem not the solution.  The White House should hope these rebels without a clue take a hike in the woods sooner rather than later.    

2011-2012Albert Solano