Real Immigration Reform

We are a nation of immigrants.  We always should be.  This nation was built into the greatest civilization in the history of the world because people from other places came to our shores in search of a better life.  That must be the motivating factor behind immigration reform.  Unfortunately what we have from both sides is a disingenuous effort to reform the process based not on a want to make life easier or better for anyone, but blatant political maneuvering.  The Democrats are trying to secure millions of new voters for their base enabling them to maintain strength well for the next century.  The Republicans oddly think that voting for some bloated , incomprehensible immigration plan will somehow generate Latino votes.  Real immigration reform would address the needs of the nation.  The nation needs to allow for immigration.  It is a tragedy that someone who comes here, gets a job, learns the language, pays taxes and raises a family still waits more than a decade for citizenship.  Handle that issue and others in bite-sized chunks and over time as a nation we will have a sustainable reform that actually helps pave the way for people to come here.  Think you're going to be President if you pass some comprehensive package with no way to implement or pay for it - then ultimately the situation will be far worse than anyone can imagine.     

2013-2014Albert Solano