Self Control on a Day of the Unthinkable

As we all pray for those impacted by the unspeakable tragedy unfolding in Connecticut, let's also hope that Americans on both sides of the political spectrum and the media will demonstrate a degree of decorum during this time.  What's not helpful is a lot of political talk charging the policy of one side or the other for what happened in Newtown.  All too often when something like this happens, people rush to place blame or suggest that if one thing or another were done, this horrific tragedy would not have happened.  The fact is that there is no policy consistent with living in a free society that would have prevented this act of a deranged sociopath.  Now is a time for everyone to put their opinions aside in favor of prayer.  Hug your children tightly.  Tell your family and friends you care about them.  In this Christmas season, we look to God for strength and peace.

2011-2012Albert Solano