Some Quick Advice for GOP Candidates (Except Trump)

For weeks, Republican presidential hopefuls with solid records, name identification and proven political prowess have struggled to get attention and grab votes in this early stage of the campaign.  The biggest reason of course is what I like to call the Donald Trump Show.  Political consultants in big leather armchairs have been sitting around dismissing The Donald for his quick temper, unscripted messaging, and arrogant demeanor.  What they refuse to acknowledge is that at least some of it is working.  With every challenge comes an opportunity and the GOP field needs to realize that Trump's willingness to throw out the playbook has some merit.  People like it - to a degree.  Yet no candidate has re-examined their approach to the way they campaign, leaving at least a third if not more of the voters uninspired and cold.  It's time for the GOP field to take the best of Trump's approach and make it their own.  It's time to throw out at least a few chapters of the playbook and wade into the campaign like you're about the ride a wave.  Try it.  You just might look like your having more fun and give people a real sense of the depth and breadth of this GOP field.

2015-2016Albert Solano