State Should Investigate OWS

Another day of gridlock in New York at the hands of the OWS crowd is coming to an end.  I've been down to the park and seen these wannabe hippies several times now and each time I pass one of them I wonder just how many of them are gaming the system.  They are right to accuse the big banks and Congress of seemingly having their own set of rules but many OWS members are probably doing the very same thing.  It's time the State of New York's Labor Department does it's job and protects the taxpayer from being fleeced by these protestors.  How many of them are receiving generous unemployment benefits, yet are spending their days not looking for employment but stinking up lower Manhattan.  Labor officials should investigate how many of these folks are not complying with regulations that specifically stipulate thay they must actively seek employment to recieve benefits.  Of course to do that, some government employee - probably a liberal - would have to organize an execute an investigation.  Not likely to happen.  So in the end, the OWS protestors are not only a nuisance, lack all substance and are anti-American in their values - they're also hypocrites.  Why am I not surprised?

2011-2012Albert Solano