Are You Better Off?

Last night, Governor Romney brought the longer than necessary primary season to a close with landslide victories in NY, PA, CT, RI and DE.  In his victory speech in swinging New Hampshire he left his audience with a simple question - Are you better off?  It was a nod to Reagan's juggernaut campaign against Jimmy Carter in 1980.  But as the President's class warfare rhetoric heats up and the echo chamber out of the White House and the DNC push the "fairness" message, the campaign is looking more like Mondale 1984.  This President is so arrogant he has chosen to ignore the historic fact that if you run on raising taxes you WILL lose.  This should give liberty-minded Americans a renewed sense of optimism as they unite around Romney and drive hard into the general election.  The sunset of the Bush tax cut extension, continued promotion of the Buffet rule, the costs of Obamacare looming and other Administration policies all stand to increase taxes for - not just the rich - but the middle class as well.  This is the message the Romney campaign and all fiscal conservatives must drive every day from now until November. 

The tax issue is powerful.  Obama knows it.  He knows it so well he ran on providing a tax cut to 95% of Americans.  Now in office and drunk with power, we've seen no letting up from the most radically progressive Administrations in history.  It's the reason why this Administration is out of step with the American majority and heading for a loss in November. 

2011-2012Albert Solano