Julia - Mascot for American Socialism

The Obama campaign released a web video the other day introducing all of us to Julia.  Julia seems nice and normal enough.  The story of Julia as told by the Obama campaign is of an American girl who grows up dreaming big American dreams.  She advances through her youth, middle age and into retirement as a successful individual - something we all hope for our children. 

Here's the catch.  Julia is the new mascot of American socialism.  In Obama's tale about Julia, she goes through life with cradle to grave support from the government.  Every step of the way Julia relies on the government for help and support.  The video suggests that without the government helping Julia, she would not have been able to be successful. 

In the words of one liberty-minded American on Twitter - "Who the hell is Julia and why am I paying for her life?"  Well said my friend.  

As a redical progressive, Obama wants the create a culture of dependency and the Julia's story is just the latest evidence of the kind of America the president sees for all of us.  He wants to turn the middle class into a massive group of 'takers' who are taxed into dependency and then absorbed into the socialist system.  The class warfare rhetoric will only serve to injure wealthy Americans at the expense of the middle class.  The strategy is simple - tax the rich more.  They'll still be wealthy.  Increase the size of government continually so ultimately the burden will be placed to a greater degree on a fragile middle class.  Then finally, that middle class must avail itself of the system to survive.

Here's the problem the President faces - blue collar Democrats aren't going to buy this message.  While the President continues to talk primarily to the left wing of his party, the overtones of socialism will turn off increasing numbers of working-class Democrats who don't want a cradle to grave social welfare state. 

The Ameican Majority are still liberty-minded, freedom-loving, free market folks who have the desire to live, earn and achieve without the government's help.  They are still believers in America.  They need a president who shares those values.